I'm afraid to say that kids DO NOT come with instructions!

Posted on 09 May 2016
I'm afraid to say that kids DO NOT come with instructions!

Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby, or maybe even babies…. Being a parent is one of the best things ever….. the creation of a small person who will rely on you to care for them, to love and nurture them, to guide, encourage and support them in the right direction to grow up to be the best person they can ever be! Quite a responsibility don’t you think?? Your lives will never be the same once small people come along and as parents we make decisions which hopefully will be good ones in all manner of aspects of daily life. We trust our instincts and do the very best we can with the resources available to us.

However where do we begin, once we leave the care and support from the hospital maternity team, and we close the door to our home, does our natural instinct kick in when baby cries constantly, baby won’t feed, won’t sleep, won’t do anything and as brand new parents we find ourselves on auto-pilot with constant exhaustion through our own lack of sleep.

Every new parent’s experience is different, some have nearby support to help, some are naturally gifted as parents who know exactly what to do. But what about those who do not have this option?

Kids Deserve the Best is a Nanny Agency and as such we provide help and support to families who are looking for childcare. However we also believe in working with people, helping and supporting others as much as we can, tapping into a variety of known resources which parents may find to be of great benefit to them, especially in those early days as new parents.

This brings me nicely to the introduction of the Maternity Nurse Support for new parents which can be sourced via Kids Deserve the Best.

Introducing Debbie Sullivan - Maternity Nurse NNEB, BSc (Hons) Midwifery

Debbie has been known to Sarah from Kids Deserve the Best since the beginning in 2008, and prior to this via another Nanny Agency when Debbie was working as a Nanny. Debbie has retrained and now is not only a qualified Nursery nurse, but also a Breastfeeding Councillor and a trained Midwife. Debbie has gained a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, having worked with families and their babies and children ages ranging from new-borns up to teenagers, this experience spanning a 30 year period.

Debbie specialises in providing a level of kind, caring, gentle and compassionate care and support for new parents and their new-born babies with particular expertise with breastfeeding.

Debbie’s expertise with breastfeeding and the challenges this may bring to a new mum, comes from her work as a breastfeeding councillor and midwife, in addition to her own ‘real life’ breastfeeding experience having breastfed her own three children.

Debbie has cared for new born twins and has experience in tandem feeding.

So…… What Is a Maternity Nurse?

A maternity nurse can help to provide new parents with a smooth introduction to their baby and parenting in general.

A maternity nurse will have a wealth of experience to offer, not only for first time parents but also offering support for families when a new baby arrives. They can help and teach about the development of the baby, weaning etc, they can encourage involvement and confidence from the parents and promote positive reactions from siblings.

A Maternity Nurse can offer help and advice on mother's diet, rest and general wellbeing. She can establish a form of routine when it comes to feeding and sleeping patterns working with parents to their wishes.

And What Help and Support Should I Expect from a Maternity Nurse?

A Maternity Nurse is responsible for the physical needs of the baby, for example; bathing, changing, settling baby, taking care of baby's laundry and nursery /equipment.

Bottle fed babies: Prepare bottles and equipment/sterilising day and night. Establishing a good routine as agreed with parents.

Breast-fed babies: Observe and help mother to establish good breastfeeding position and attachment with any additional advice needed. Settle baby after a feed day and night.

Rest: A Maternity Nurse is on duty 24 hours per day, which means they will be tired due to broken sleep, it is therefore important they have time to rest to remain focused and alert at all times. Your maternity nurse should have a 2-3 hour break per day.

Accommodation: The maternity nurse may well be sharing a room with the baby, or they may have their own room. This and any bathroom provided should be kept clean and tidy. All meals should be provided by the client during the booking.

Food: The maternity nurse should expect to cook their own meals and wash up after themselves. If eating with the family, they should offer to help with cooking/cleaning. It is not the duty of the nurse to cook for the family.

Time Off: Maternity nurses are generally booked for 5-6 days per week and will be on call 24 hours per day; or 12 hour days/12 hour nights. The nurse will be entitled to 24 hours off every seventh day and can arrange to stay in the house with no duties or leave for the day/night. A maternity nurse who does not start on the date agreed is entitled to 50% of the weekly salary until they begin work.

Communication: A maternity nurse should always discuss with parents any aspects of the baby's care and development. They should be made aware of contact numbers of the parents, relatives and doctor in case of emergencies. The nurse will keep a daily record of all feeds and other aspects of the routine.

The Maternity Services Debbie can provide include;

  • A 24 hour service - This can be 5 or 6 days consecutively with a 24 hour break in-between weeks, or a week made up of a 12 hour days or 12 hour nights, depending on what works best for the family
  • Breastfeeding Support - position and attachment, trouble shooting and establishing.
  • Parenting skills - Bathing, Feeding (Breast or Bottle), settling.
  • Establishing Sleep routines.
  • Building up mothers and fathers confidence with their new born.
  • Debbie work with parents to overcome any issues or problems and adhere to their wishes.

Debbie’s Fees

  • £180 - £200 per 24 hour period (for one baby)
  • £250 per 24 hour period (for Twins)

Debbie also offers advice and support on a consultancy basis with telephone support for help with issues such as sleep difficulties, feeding, coping with reflux

Telephone Consultancy is available at £30 per hour

Those precious first few weeks can be difficult and tiring, let Debbie take the stress away and look after mum and baby to make those precious few weeks happier, more memorable with harmony and warmth at home.

Excellent references are available on request.

For further information on the support available from Debbie Sullivan, NNEB, BSc (Hons) Midwifery please contact 07711 224781 or email [email protected]

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