News Update from The Purple Office…..

Posted on 15 October 2013
News Update from The Purple Office…..

Yes, that’s right WE HAVE MOVED!!! We have moved into Newcastle Business Village in Benton.  And yes, we have a lovely purple wall!

This year has been a bit of a whirlwind for Kids Deserve the Best in many ways, both from a business point of view as well as a social aspect too. However all for the greater good!

From a business aspect not only have we moved, but we also have a new addition to our team, please say HELLO and WELCOME to the fabulous Ray Burke who is now in place as our Operations Manager.

Yes, some of you know Ray from the work he does and the valuable IT Support he provides with Pentagon Computer Solutions Ltd and he will still be doing this.

So why? What is going on? Well…. It all started because of Amy Purdie, Gillian Rayne and 4Networking. So thank you – I always believe things happen for a reason!

Kids Deserve the Best had a need for some urgent IT Support earlier this year and Ray very kindly came along to resolve several issues. During the course of various meetings, social events and discussions we discovered several things:

We want the very best for our clients and we work extremely hard to provide that
• We know the same people within the same client/friend/networking circles
• We acknowledge that one person cannot possibly do everything on their own – well not to the highest of standards that we want to provide
• We recognise the skills and knowledge of what we are really good at
• We recognise and accept what we are not so good at or unable to do as efficiently and effectively as we would like to
• And well…. We also get along really well too.

Therefore in light of the above, and after much thought and consideration, Ray and I came to the conclusion that we would like to help each other, because the tasks that I am not so good at are actually the things that Ray is really good at. And the tasks that Ray does not have so much time to dedicate to are the things that I happen to be good at.

So by sharing skills, expertise and resources we feel in a better position to be able to help people and to nurture and grow two businesses efficiently and effectively, rather than plod along and hope for the best on our own.

This means (as part of our Business Continuity Plans) Kids Deserve the Best has extra support in place with Ray Burke our Operations Manager who will be looking after the IT and technical side of things in addition to making our working practices and procedures work better and more efficiently.

And Pentagon Computer Solutions Ltd has extra support in place with me (Sarah Parkin) as their Customer Relationship Manager. I will be building and maintaining client relationships, and looking after the office side of things. I already feel my IT knowledge has improved!

You can find both Kids Deserve the Best and Pentagon Computer Solutions Ltd in The Purple Office at Newcastle Business Village, 33 Bellingham Drive, North Tyneside Industrial Estate, Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 9SZ

The social aspect has been really fun and interesting too, although I have lived in the North East all my life, I have not seen half of the lovely places we have to offer. So I have encountered my first visit to Cragside an absolutely beautiful place, on the day Ray and I went, some filming was going on for a documentary into how people lived and worked in the ‘olden days’, on arrival and before we knew what was going on, a lady shouted, ‘Where’s Mr Burke, has anyone seen Mr Burke?’ – they were actually waiting for Michael Buerk and not Ray Burke!

I am sure we have all heard the saying ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ well my new saying is ‘Come on…. Step out of your comfort zone!’ It is actually ok to do this every now and then.

I don’t do crowds, I don’t like lots of noise, I can be scared of the unknown and I actually have an appalling sense of direction. So what did we do…

In August Ray, some of his friends, myself and my daughter Katherine went to London. We all had a super fabulous time, doing the touristy things, as well as a trip to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium to watch the Anniversary Games, an amazing experience. Ray, Katherine and I went to the theatre to watch Billy Elliott, a brilliant experience. Katherine and I were very well looked after. Sadly, The Queen was not available so I cannot tell you what kind of biscuits she likes.

But that is not all….. I have never been camping and I have never done much exercise in the last however many years and I have still have this appalling sense of direction, so what did we do…..

We only joined a group of fellow 4Networkers to climb Scafell Pike in the Lake District AND I stayed in a tent! There was some doubt as to whether either Ray or I would actually make it to the top, but we encouraged and supported each other and we made it. Imagine my disappointment when reaching the top and the anticipated ice cream van was not there! (I now think that was a trick to make me get to the top!)

And one final thing….. I love purple! My birthday happens in May and Ray very kindly organised a birthday surprise – I did not know where I was going, who was going or anything. My instructions were that I was NOT allowed to wear purple! Torture! Anyone who knows me will appreciate how difficult this was for me? Well…. That’s not the worst of it! Everyone else going was told that they MUST wear purple!

So….. stepping out of my comfort zone hasn’t killed me, I have had many tears, giggles and laughs – but I remember more of the giggles and laughs! I am so excited for whatever the future holds for KDTB and PCS. 

And you know what I always say….. Sharing is Caring!

(Oh…. By the way…. I think Ray secretly likes purple too but don’t tell him I said this!)

From Sarah Parkin

If you or anyone you know needs any childcare advice and support we can be contacted on 0191 2507025

If you or anyone you know needs any IT Maintenance, Repairs and Support – we can be contacted on 0191 5800171


Gillian Commented on 17 Oct 2013

It was a pleasure to be involved and I thank Amy Purdie for my introduction to the IT support that has also become invaluable to my business. I confess that knowing Sarah was all my own doing, then again Amy Purdie it was meeting you that gave me the platform.

Such a friendly helpful greeting I got from everyone I knew I would have to continue working with all these lovely professional people and 18 months on I am.

Sarah Commented on 17 Oct 2013

Things happen for a reason Gillian! Fabulous people find each other and working together to help each other is the best thing ever. Remember - Sharing is Caring!

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