Sharing is Caring

Posted on 26 April 2013
Sharing is Caring

In My Humble Opinion……

SHARING IS CARING! I seem to find myself using these words on a regular basis because I really do believe them! I believe that if someone has a great business, shares some useful information or provides a fantastic service or is genuinely a really nice person then it would be wrong of people to keep this information to themselves!

I fell into running a business by accident and in the four and half years that have followed I have to say I have met some really fabulous people, I have also met some really funny people and I have met some fellow purple lovers! (my favourite colour is purple by the way…… who knew??)

One of the big things I have learnt in this time of being a business owner is that by talking to people, by joining network groups, by being open and honest about what you do and by being as helpful as you possibly can you can have such a bigger and better opportunity to help someone and provide people with access to a whole variety of services, especially services which complement each other.

Business does not always have to be about ‘what am I going to get out of this’ or ‘how much money, money, money’ (although I do agree money is something that is needed, afterall why do we run a business – this is our livelihood, and we have to live just like everyone else). I much prefer to adopt a ‘and how can I help you’ or ‘what can I do to make things better for you’ or even a ‘I’m not sure but I will find out for you’ approach and I find this helps people build faith and trust in you and the services you have to offer.

What would you find more helpful? Who would you go back to? And who would you recommend?

Would it be someone who shows a complete lack of interest and a ‘Sorry I can’t help you, that’s not my job’ kind of attitude? No…. not for me!

Or would it be better to adopt a caring, sharing, listening approach and do what you could to help! Even if that meant passing the person onto someone who you felt could help better, or have better skills to get the task in hand completed more effectively. I might not know all the answers but I would rather be remembered as ‘that nice lady who was there, who listened and was able to solve my problem, or who pointed me in the direction of someone she trusted to do the job well’.

This is why I like to link with and work with as many people as possible, especially those in the Child and Family sector, because it is all about giving our clients, or potential clients a wider selection of services or products which can help them. This may even involve letting someone know about a service or product they had never considered. People are more likely to come to you if someone else has knowledge of you and how you work. And this is why Sharing is Caring! If you know of a fantastic company, if someone has done a really good job – spread the word! Not only does it encourage clients to come to you - it also really makes that person smile too!

And one final note from me…. I love my work! I love the people who help us and I love those that shout about and support us! I love that I have a team of outside people who do those much needed tasks so much better than me (you know the stuff….. accounts, website and IT/modern technology support etc) So to each and every person who has helped and shared a kind word about the work we do at Kids Deserve the Best – I thank you very much! Your support really does make me smile!

Thanks for reading! Remember Sharing is Caring!

From Sarah Parkin

Kids Deserve the Best

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