Stress!!! Gillian Rayne says No 2 Stress! And I agree with that!

Posted on 30 March 2013
Stress!!! Gillian Rayne says No 2 Stress! And I agree with that!

I am sure we all suffer from stress - I know I have had my share! Stress affects people in different ways but how many of us can deal with these times effectively.

I have recently been introduced to the lovely Gillian Rayne who’s company does just that – says No 2 Stress with Gentle Rejuvenation! I can tell Gillian how I am feeling and she will recommend which remedy would help with these feelings and help to restore balance. Gillian is a registered practitioner with the Bach Foundation and she certainly knows her stuff.

Gillian says: Anything that helps us to live a good life that also happens to be good for others. We all know that too much stress can have a negative affect on our health and we want to make sure that you are not the one who is suffering!

Benefits to the services Gillian can offer: They allow you to live a happier and less stressful life; Increases your health and relaxation; Gives you clarity and enables you to focus on the things that are most important to you

Services available from No 2 Stress at Gentle Rejuvenation:

Treatments include Indian Head Massage and Holistic Facials

The area of interest for me was how BACH remedies can help everyone, not just grownups but children too, and they can also help mums during pregnancy and childbirth. And this is what I share with you now:

Guide to Pregnancy, childbirth and beyond

Planning for a new baby is a lot of work. There are things to buy and things to arrange. In the rush it is easy to forget to take proper care of the most important people in our babies lives – that is YOU!

Taking care of ourselves is vital at a time when our bodies are changing and our babies are growing. Its normal to feel tired at times, or just out of sorts, and mostly we get over it and get on. Sometimes, though we need a little help.

In the 1920s and 30s a noted homeopath and bacteriologist called Dr Edward Bach discovered a way of providing that help – a complete system of 38 flower remedies that can help us rediscover the positive side of ourselves. Dr Bach’s remedies can help us live emotionally healthy lives. Whatever is in our way – whether it be anxiety, despondency or uncertainty – there is a solution in the Bach Original Flower Remedies.

Before the Birth

To help you get the most out of your pregnancy, here are some Bach Original Flower Remedies:
• You may feel unsettled if pregnancy represents a big change in your life. This is an indication for WALNUT
• Maybe you are feeling anxious about everything being well with the baby. Anxiety for the welfare of someone else is an indication for RED CHESTNUT
• Working through your pregnancy may leave you short of rest and tired. The remedy for this is OLIVE
Feeling impatient and irritable, you wish your baby would come tomorrow, IMPATIENS will help with this.

If you feel tired even after resting and taking things easy, Hornbeam will recover your ‘get up and go

During the Birth

We all imagine the perfect birth – whether it is a birthing pool or a quiet room with some classical music in the background. It’s a comfort though to be prepared for anything so take your Bach Original Flower Remedy with you to help you stay in the moment.

• It’s normal to feel apprehensive when you think about going into labour. The remedy for everyday fears – for example, contractions or fear of having to have a caesarean is MIMULUS
• Giving birth is another time of change, so again WALNUT will help if you feel not quite yourself because of what is happening to you
• However well prepared we are labour itself can come as something of a shock. STAR OF BETHLEHEM is a good remedy to assist us at this time.

Above all others, one remedy comes into its own at this time:

RESCUE REVIVAL REMEDY -  this is a mix of remedies specifically chosen to help at times of everyday crisis. It contains five Bach Original Flower Remedies for shock, terror, agitiation, loss of control and feelings of faintness, so it is an ideal one stop solution to take with you into the labour room.   Rescue Revival Remedy Spray is a convenient way to take measured doses of rescue remedy.

Early Days as a new Mum

Congratulations! You are now a mum! It should be a lovely time, and usually it is, but as ever life sometimes makes things difficult. Whatever gets in your way, remember the Bach Original Flower Remedies have a way of helping.

• Tired out by 3am feeds and nappy changes? Olive is the remedy for this kind of TIREDNESS
• Not sure you can be a mother? Sometimes we doubt our abilities and it is easier to stand back and let other people deal with things. Larch is a good remedy when we feel we do not have the skills we need.
• Too many things to cope with? When everything comes at you at once, try some ELM to put you back in control.
• Breast-feeding is a particular issue for many new mothers. Some mothers are not able to breast-feed, and it is important not to let any problem with this overshadow your time with your new baby. PINE is a good remedy to take if you feel unhappy with yourself over this.
• If you are a breast-feeding you may find REVIVAL REMEDY CREAM a great help for dealing with sore and cracked nipples. The cream contains an extra remedy, CRAB APPLE known as the cleansing remedy.

Rescue Remedy is a fantastic way to rescue yourself from the outside in.

A mild form of baby blues reflects natural changes as your hormone levels return to pre-pregnancy levels. If you feel very unhappy talk to a health care professional who will be able to listen and help.


Bach Flowers help us to deal more constructively with our negative behaviour patterns, when we are feeling stressed these are often intensified. The system is a very safe and simple one; however, the word ‘simple’ is not to be mistaken for primitive.

  • Every person is two things: a unique individual and only human
  • Often life and circumstances try to change this individual status, bit like a square peg in a round hole, leaving us often with negative moods such as; frustration, anger, de-motivated, lost etc. Constant negative moods can lead to depression.
  • Furthermore these untreated moods lead to stress; researchers in immunology have shown that negative feelings and stress weaken our immune response; with this attack on the immune system we are susceptible to illness.
  • The number of killer blood cells in the blood that destroy viruses and bacteria is significantly reduced in people who are stressed, depressed or resigned, thus making it more difficult for people to cope with illness-causing agents.
  • If we continue to soldier on regardless these original negative moods or stress can result in physical weakness before finally establishing as disease.

The Bach Flower system can help us to accommodate and adapt without changing who we are, they stimulate our developmental process, but they cannot force it. You could start with the Rescue Remedy when you feel stressed; often the 1st step in using Bach Flowers. The next stage is recognising what these feelings are through the consultation process and selecting the remedy to work for you.

I hope this information has been helpful - I thank Gillian for sharing this with us. Gillian is a great listener, offers great support and really is there to help you to say No2Stress. If you recognise any of these feelings and would like to know more, book a consultation with Gillian and see for yourself how she can help with managing stress.

Click here to see how to contact Gillian

You can also follow Gillian on Twitter @No2stresses and get updates via her facebook page   

If you would like the full leaflet on how Bach Flower Remedies can help during pregnancy and childbirth drop us an email and we will send one out for you.

Thank you for reading. Please share with anyone you think may find this helpful. Afterall - Sharing is caring!

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