I just wanted to share a little something with you...... Men can be Nannies too!

Posted on 30 August 2012
I just wanted to share a little something with you...... Men can be Nannies too!

I absolutely love what I do. I love being able to help families choose the right childcare choices to suit them. And I love being able to help someone into a new job.

Every person who comes to Kids Deserve the Best looking for childcare work, I need to make sure they have the best skills, the right experience, the best qualities and a fabulous personality to provide the best care for the children they are entrusted to look after. Every family is encouraged to think about what will work for them with the end result needing to be the right person to suit their family.

In all the time I have been working in a Nanny Agency I have met some fabulous people looking for work in childcare, some will have real life experience as parents or grandparents, some will have lots of work experience but no paper qualification to say I can do this, but for most they have a good mix of childcare training and work experience.  We do expect all our nannies to keep their first aid skills up to date and refreshed so they feel confident to act calmly and responsibly if an emergency should arise. Most CRB checks are recent and easily updated.

Being a Nanny is a great responsiblility, it is often a very rewarding job in terms of helping the children to learn new skills and being part of their development and achievements, some say it doesn't seem like going to work at all. However, being a Nanny can be hard work, especially if the children you care for are unwell, or having a grumpy day. This is not the sort of job for someone who sees this as an easy option where you can play all day - there is so much more to being a Nanny.   Whatever the skills and experience, ALL Nannies are met in person by me, we go through their application in detail, finding out why they wish to be a nanny, what their expectations are, what got them into childcare in the first place and where they want to be. All nannies will have references followed up before being considered for any family we are working with. I need to be personally happy with each and every person I am considering for work. 

The bit I wanted to share with you is this...... I recently had contact with a family who needed help to find a new Nanny because their current person was moving onto a new adventure. We had worked with this family some years before so it was nice that they came back. During the updating of their information, they advised that they currently have a male Nanny or  'Manny' which is something you do not hear a lot about in the North East. This arrangement had worked very well with the family and the children were very well looked after and happy. There are even several Male Nanny agencies in the UK.

Within a few days of this enquiry, Leon contacted me for support in finding Aupair Agencies working with families in Portugal - someone who would consider a Male Childcarer as it seems that all enquiries made would only consider a female childcarer. I do realise that in most regions there is still this association with childcarers being female. I do believe in this changing world which we find ourselves in, some families could perhaps benefit from having a male infleunce around. 

So whilst we are considering what is best for our children, if presented with information from someone who has relevant childcare training, actual childcare experience and fantastic references, a fabulous personality and someone who just happens to be a male..... ask yourself could this be the right person to suit your family?

I did ask Leon to prepare a short piece to explain about what he does and why and this I share for you now. Thank you for reading.

"When I meet someone new and we’re chatting away about things that we like, hobbies we have and places we have been, when it comes to tell them what I do for a living, I can be a little apprehensive.

I get a mix of reactions when I tell someone, “I am a male nanny” especially in the North East of England where the stereotypical man chugs beer, watches football (I also enjoy these past times) and sees the role of a nanny as a feminine one. I completely understand this and always take the teasing and friendly banter with a pinch of salt.

However what I usually tell them is it’s the best job I’ve ever had.

My usual working day consists of an early start at 8am, I travel to the house of the two boys I work with aged 9 and 10 and I prepare their pack lunches, do a little cleaning, stack the dishwasher, put away clothes and then I take the boys along to school for 9am. When the boys are at school I usually have a bit of free time! I also work as a self-employed music teacher and teach in some schools around North Tyneside.

At about 3:15pm its time to pick the boys up from school and prepare their tea. On certain days they have some out of school activities, some of which I can take part in like going swimming, when they have a free evening we usually end up playing football in the back garden or watching a bit of The Simpson’s. Not a bad working day!

During the school holidays I take care of the boys all day which in all honesty can be a bit tiring but lots of fun, some things we’ve done in the past are going to the beach, a big game of football with their friends and my personal favourite was going to laser quest!

I did kind of stumble into this job I have to admit, I already taught the boys music privately and I knew their last nanny. When she found new employment she asked if I wanted to take over.
So becoming a male nanny has been a new experience for me and for the two boys. I think they have benefited however from having a young male role model who can keep up with them during play time and have a laugh with, but also someone who can separate any little fights that get out of hand or tell them to tidy up their toys. I definitely think a male nanny can get the right balance between having fun and having an authority, especially with young boys.

Obviously this type of job isn’t for everyone, you have to be patient working with children but the benefits are that I don’t have stressful deadlines, nor do I have goals to reach each month or hours f commuting. The biggest benefit of all is and having a real sense of job satisfaction. When I’ve seen the boys do well in a test or compete in a sport I feel I’ve done my part, even if it’s a small part in helping to bring them up.

From Leon"

For anyone wanting help to find a Nanny, please do call 0191 2507025, we are always happy to help!



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