New beginnings and all things exciting!

Posted on 30 August 2012
New beginnings and all things exciting!

One of the aims of Kids Deserve the Best is to share with families and childcarers the very best of choices available to them in providing care and support for their children. Another aim of Kids Deserve the Best is to work with and support as many local child and family friendly businesses across the North East and this piece is certainly no different. 

Very recently I met the lovely Amy Clarke from South Shields who has not one but two very exciting businesses which I am delighted to shout about. 

September usually marks the beginning of all things new - new nurseries and schools, new uniforms, new routines and the start of new class activities and groups. There are lots to choose from but I am choosing this moment to tell you about Mini Maestros South Shields.  

Classes start 4th September and currently run on Tuesday and Friday. We all love something which is free, and you will be delighted to hear that the first session is FREE!

This is Amy's explanation of her new adventure - Bringing Mini Maestros to South Shields.

"Mini Maestros is my new venture. Introducing music classes to babies from 12 weeks up to 4yrs old. Obviously the tiny babies can not sing or even grasp an instrument however they can hear music and rhythms and can respond to colours, sounds and the contact of their carer. So the baby sessions are very interactive using feathers, fabrics, parachutes, bubbles and of course music and instruments. The older children get to play percussion instruments and learn new songs on a very regular basis.

Mini Maestros has already had five years success in other areas, entertaining little ones within a relaxed creative environment building confidence and basic music skills with the use of simple percussion instruments, visual aids, action songs, nursery rhymes, games and much more.  Each week a new educational theme is introduced and children are encouraged to explore this in many different ways.  We have always made sure our classes, parties and workshops are affordable and accessible to all giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy making music.

Amy said she is very excited and can't wait to start the classes in September in South Shields."

For anyone interested, book your place with Amy on 07889 482997 or email [email protected].

Not only that, Amy is also able to offer Doula Support to a family via her company Mon Ami Doulas. A Doula is an experienced labour companion who provides continous emotional, physical and informational support before, during and after the birth.

And so without further ado, I share with you information about Amy and the support she is able to offer to families.

"I'm Amy and a Doula of Monami Doulas.  The reason I became a doula was to provide mums with real support. I won't lie, I don't know all of the answers however I do know first hand what it is like to be on your own with a new born or waiting for the arrival of a baby. My husband is in the RAF and with that comes a lot of travel and being away from family and quite often my husband. After three completely different births I wanted to be able to offer the support that is so desperately needed when you are away from family and loved ones. I have also experienced two miscarriages so I understand the fear of finding out you are pregnant again and worrying about loosing the baby again.

As a birth doula I would meet with the parents as many times as we feel needed to ensure they were confident with their birth choices and confident with me before the birth.  We can practise any positions they may want to use or discuss any options available to them. I am also at the end of the phone or on email should they have any questions are thoughts they wish to discuss.
Obviously things can change once the baby decides to enter the world. However knowing the choices prior to the birth can make any circumstances easier to deal with. At 38 weeks I would be on call to attend their birth with them. Which basically means whatever time day or night I am available immediately.

My main focus is the mother to be and her partner ensuring they  are well and as relaxed as possible. Whether this is helping the mother cope with the labour pains through movement and birth positions or helping the partner to participate as much as they feel able.  I'm not there to make or judge any decisions regarding the birth but to provide as much information and support as possible in order to enpower the mother and partner to make their own educated decisions.

I don't get in the way of the midwives or express my opinions, it's the parents birth and I am simply there to support them emotionally and to hopefully take their fear away.

Once their baby has arrived I would slip away to ensure the parents have some special magical time to bond with their new arrival.

A couple of days later I would pop to see the and help wherever I can.

As a post natal doula I provide support wherever I can. Quite often once the partner goes back to work things become a little daunting, sleep deprivation can kick in, and things can seem a little overwhelming. This is where i can help. For a few hours a day I can come in and help with basic housework, for example washing or dishes, tidying  a little or preparing lunch. Or I can take the baby for a walk and allow the mum to get some rest or a shower or just put her feet up with a cup of tea. I am a trained breast feeding peer supporter so I can offer some support with feeding. I am a good listener and don't judge so even if it's just for a cry or a whine or a laugh and there is no one else around to support the new family, I'm here!"

If this is a service which you could find helpful, I'm sure Amy would love to hear from you. Further information available and contact details on Mon Ami Doula website


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