7 Key Qualities to have when working as a nanny

Posted on 25 March 2019
7 Key Qualities to have when working as a nanny

7 Key Qualities to have when working as a nanny - as told by Kids Deserve the Best!

Being a nanny is an honour - to be chosen by a family to be the role model for their most precious of children. But what qualities should a nanny have – an exceptional nanny should:

  • Be kind, caring and respectful
  • Be patient, nurturing and approachable
  • have Excellent listening and communication skills
  • Be flexible, mindful and understanding of the workings of a busy household
  • Show initiative, be pro-active, thoughtful and imaginative and use your common sense
  • Plan ahead and be prepared and always be safety aware
  • Respect yourself and your profession, keep your skills up to date, don’t lose sight of the boundaries between employer and employee!

Whilst these may sound obvious to some, sometimes we all need a little reminder every now and then. You have been entrusted with the care of young children and as such they will take their lead in life from you whilst their parents are absent. Imagine being responsible for the daily needs of a child in your care – having responsibility for nurturing their wellbeing, both emotionally and socially.

Being a nanny can be a very rewarding job, some may not see it as a job at all, whilst some who are new to the profession may see this as a job where you play games and go out with children aLL day – actually no there is so much more involved – a nanny  likely to have gone to college or university to learn about child health and development, and will be able to support with learning and reaching those important developmental milestones.

Working with children in a family home is different to that of working in a nursery setting – in a school or nursery setting you have colleagues, other people in your team and managers who will take the lead and responsibility, however as a nanny you are it – the person responsible for everything in the parents absence, if you are not at work the parents are unable to work and have to ale alternate plans.

Being a nanny also means you need to have a good understanding of:

  • Health and safety, what to watch out for and how to manage instances calmly, effectively and quickly
  • Planning and preparing a healthy nutritious diet, taking into account any specific family requirements and allergies
  • Communicating with parents and relevant people involved in the children’s welfare whilst at the same time being mindful of confidentiality and data protection

Nannies do work very long hours, however their role is a very rewarding one, knowing you have contributed to the child in your care learning something new and growing up into a kind, well mannered and thoughtful young person.

Now I have never worked as a nanny, however I have ran a nanny agency for 10 years and I really like to hear of the experiences a nanny has and the fond memories which stay with them for many years.

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