Kids Deserve the Best Nanny Agency - the bit in the middle....

Posted on 29 November 2017
Kids Deserve the Best Nanny Agency - the bit in the middle....

My name is Sarah Parkin and I am always interested in hearing how people get started in running their own business and why? For me it was an accident, but a very fortunate accident at that.

Throughout my journey with Kids Deserve the Best, I have always looked at many ways in which to help people, that is my natural instinct - how can I help here? I have also come to appreciate that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. I know what some of my weaknesses are - not knowing when to stop, helping others before helping myself, not appreciating the value of me and my time and chocolate! And cake!

No seriously, I was not great at anything technical or IT related, nor am I good at dealing with things in any formal manner - I am the People Person. And actually I would probably go as far as to say I am the Purple People Person!

When in business we often get blinded by our own thoughts and processes and this is what we focus on, however how do we know if what we are doing is any good? What if there is a better way of doing something? Do I blunder through and do the best I can or do I seek some extra support with elements I am not sure if are good enough?

And this is where the next part of my journey comes in..... 

I truly believe in providing the best care, advice and support to anyone who chooses to come to Kids Deserve the Best. I also believe that working WITH people gives us more scope to provide a bigger and better range of support within our business. By working WITH people you can be sharing somebody's best skills into areas of your business which you are not as strong at which means you can concentrate on the areas of business you excel at, and leaving the elements you are less good at with someone you know, like and trust to concentrate on. By doing this we are giving ourselves an opportunity to share skills, share resources and also to have a sounding board for new ideas. This also means you are helping not only your business to grow, but also another business too. Well.... it worked for me and Kids Deserve the Best!

Back in 2013, along came Ray Burke from Pentagon Computer Solutions Ltd. After attending the same networking meeting, I knew I needed some IT support, I don't have technical abilities - as long as my equipment worked, I was happy, however I knew I needed to check I was working efficiently and storing information correctly, I did not have a back up of my data, my laptop was starting to groan and wheeze as it was getting old. It was this time I became a client of Pentagon Computer Solutions Ltd - thankfully - because 2 weeks later my laptop died altogether!

During the course of the next few months, Ray helped me put in place some better structure for the business, a backup solution, some best practice help, a disaster recovery plan and a better way of managing my data with the introduction of a CRM system, rather than using Excel spreadsheets. It was also during this time that I lost my comfort zone.....

It became very clear within a very short timescale that Ray and I had similar ways of thinking, similar work ethics, the same need to provide the best of care and support to our clients. And well.... we kind of got on really well with each other too!

Discussions were had and we looked at where both of our weaknesses were and what strengths we each had. And well.... Ray is very methodical in his work, very structured, and very technically minded - all the things I am not. Ray on the other hand was mostly out on client site attending to his client's IT needs, some requirements more manual than others, and therefore was unable to consistently answer his phones, feeling he was not able to give as much attention to his clients as and when they needed in the manner that they deserved, he was less able to process his paperwork in a timely manner, and less efficient at taking care of the daily admin side of business - all the things I am good at!

So what happened next.... Ray become voluntarily involved with Kids Deserve the Best, and Sarah became voluntarily involved with Pentagon Computer Solutions Ltd - with each of us working together, sharing skills and resources to grow two local businesses by using our best strengths to do so. We have also learned a lot of new skills about each others business in the process.

Thank goodness for that networking event, without which I would never be in the situation I am today. And with support and encouragement from Ray Burke, I am now a much more confident and stronger person than I was because he believed in me, and for that I am forever thankful.

I often wonder when writing my blog updates whether this is the right things to do, should I be more formal, more business orientated, more sales focussed? But you know what.... this is what works for me! I speak from the heart and I think when working within the childcare industry, more so the nanny industry, I feel it is important for people to see a more human side to who is behind the business. People buy from people. People have to know you, like you and most importantly they have to trust you. 

I have to say I truly appreciate all the help and support I have available to me and Kids Deserve the Best, be that support in the past, now or whatever is coming next.

Therefore I extent a big huge thank you to each and every one of you who have helped in getting Kids Deserve the Best where it is today, to everyone who has recommended us, or spoken highly of the quality of our services, to all the childcare relevant organisations who we work with, to all the nannies who have provided help on behalf of Kids Deserve the Best (without you fabulous nannies we could not run our business) and not forgetting the families who have put your trust and faith in Kids Deserve the Best to help you find the perfect childcare solution to fit your family. Thank you everyone!

A simple kind word of appreciation makes a big difference. And well... afterall... Caring is Sharing!


By Sarah Parkin


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